Coaching with Anna Brown

I specialize in helping you awaken your strongest sense of self-discovery, understanding yourself and the inherent differences in all of us. Tapping into your creative energies and cultivating a deeper understanding allows you to improve how you show up for and experience all of your relationships.

I have been working to help people improve their relationships and understand themselves for more than 20 years. And I am excited to now be offering my private practice work through Living Joyfully. I truly believe relationships can be easy. Understanding how different we all are adds a richness to life that helps create that ease.

Anna Brown
In working with individuals, my focus is on building self-awareness, recognizing patterns that aren’t serving, and gaining confidence to be the person you want to be in the world.

My work with couples focuses on learning more about one another and how to bridge communication gaps. We explore tools to express your needs and truly hear the needs of your partner, as well as develop trust that, together, you can overcome any obstacle.

I also help couples navigate changes to their relationships, including separation and divorce, creating a safe space to work through agreements and strengthen communication during the transition. When children are involved, centering the children’s experience and focusing on trust-building and communication moves us towards the new strong, connected family that can exist post-divorce.

For adults who are navigating challenges in their relationships with their parents or other family members, I focus on finding mutually agreeable solutions to conflicts, utilizing tools of listening, validation, and problem solving. We can set aside the old roles and develop more connected relationships that work for everyone.

My approach is steeped in an understanding that all feelings are valid and that everyone wants to be seen and heard. I also recognize the weight we bring from our childhood into our current relationships and help to unpack that weight so that we can be the person we want to be in each moment.

Together we can deepen your relationships, help lessen conflicts in your life, and move to the very rewarding place of self-awareness and satisfying relationships that allow for growth and happiness. Understanding our differences and letting go of power struggles opens up new ways to be in relationship with the people in our lives and brings a blossoming sense of joy, safety, and connection to our days.

You can book a free 15-minute exploratory call, full session, or a 3-session bundle here.