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We’re not sharing a map; we’re holding the lantern for you.

People are different. Our children are not your children. Our life experiences are not yours. We’re not sharing a map and expecting you to follow in our footsteps because our journey is not your journey. Instead, we are holding up a lantern and walking alongside you. Sharing our stories and insights. Helping to light your path as you to do the deschooling work to peel away the layers of conventional expectations that can get in the way of cultivating a thriving unschooling spirit in your family.

And the beating heart of unschooling is strong and connected relationships with our children. With our partner. We spend a lot of time talking about different aspects of navigating relationships because they too are key to embracing the unschooling lifestyle.

Find unschooling and relationship insights and inspiration at your fingertips, right here in the Living Joyfully Shop.

Check out our books, courses, coaching, podcast collections, and online community to guide you as you explore your unique path through the unschooling journey.

Unschooling Books

Pam has been writing about unschooling for almost two decades! Beyond the many blog posts, articles, and conference talks, she has written five very well-received books chock-full of  experiences and insights from her unschooling journey.

Are you new to unschooling?

There's a lot of conflicting information online about what unschooling is and isn't.

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At Living Joyfully, we're all about unschooling and relationships. And that's where our courses shine! Our goal is to equip you with helpful tools for navigating your unschooling journey and family relationships with more grace and compassion.

Unschooling Consultations

Every unschooling journey is unique! That said, sometimes it helps to talk to someone who’s been there and understands the unique joy and challenges that come from being an unschooling family.

Book a one-hour call with a member of the Living Joyfully team (Pam, Anna, or Erika) to discuss your particular questions and challenges around unschooling.