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Navigating Conflict Course

Navigating Conflict Course

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Discover the win-win path in every situation.

When you're looking for advice about navigating conflicts in relationships, a lot of what you'll find focuses on creating boundaries. In contrast, the Navigating Conflict course shows you how you can cultivate an environment of collaboration through better understanding yourself and your loved ones. When people feel like they are on the same side—the same team—everyone feels seen and heard and trusts that their needs will be met, which is a solid place to start.

Conflict is not a zero-sum game, where one emerges victorious at the expense of another, but an opportunity for creating win-win situations, where both parties can learn, grow and benefit. Rather than putting up boundaries, we can build bridges. 

This course is designed to help you gain a better understanding of how our personalities, our life experiences, and how we’re feeling in the moment can contribute significantly to the ways in which conflicts arise and unfold.

Throughout the course, you will explore different aspects of your personality and learn how that influences the ways that you engage with conflict. You will also learn some concrete, powerful tools to help you not only navigate conflict with more kindness and compassion, but avoid most conflict in the first place.

Your voyage through the murky waters of conflict will be marked by six insightful lessons, each a beacon guiding you towards a more profound understanding of yourself and your relationships:

1. Scout the Landscape: An in-depth look at understanding ourselves, understanding others, and deciphering the environmental context of conflicts.

2. Explore Triggers: Delve into the roots of conflict, identifying triggers that often spark disagreements and disharmony.

3. Release Agendas: Learn to let go of preconceived notions, biases, and hidden agendas that often escalate disputes.

4. Assume Positive Intent: Cultivate an open and curious mindset, recognizing that the person in front of us is just trying to meet a need.

5. Validate: Explore the art of validation, an essential skill for connecting with the people we love and helping them feel seen, heard, and understood.

6. Bring it All Together: We weave these threads together into a tapestry for navigating conflict that turns the traditional approach on its head, ensuring everyone is being heard and their needs met.

And we leave you with five commitments you can make to more easily navigate conflict with kindness and compassion for everyone involved—including you.

Each lesson also includes exercises to help you more deeply process the topic and what it looks like for you—because we are all different people. We encourage you to spend time with the exercises to move beyond an intellectual understanding of the tools and get a feel for what they look like for you in practice.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover new perspectives and tools and gain confidence in your ability to more gracefully navigate conflict with your loved ones. You will better understand yourself and be better equipped to make lasting improvements to how you navigate conflicts, deepen your connection with others, and enhance all of your relationships.

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When you purchase the Navigating Conflict course, you will receive each lesson through email, one lesson per week. You will receive the first lesson the same day you purchase the course, the second lesson seven days later, and so on.

You will also receive links to download both ebook/PDF and audiobook editions of the course, great for those who want to quickly immerse themselves in information they're super curious about. You might find your sweet spot is a combo of reading the ebook or listening to the audiobook and then using the weekly emails as great reminders to dive deeper and focus on the exercises.

All the content is yours to keep forever, so please take this course at your own pace. If life gets busy, don’t beat yourself up. You’re not behind. But do remember to jump back in!

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