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Navigating Unschooling Wobbles Course

Navigating Unschooling Wobbles Course

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Find your way back to unschooling joy!

The back-to-school season can send even the most experienced unschooling parents into a tailspin. The excitement in the air as everyone gears up for the school year ahead makes us question if we're making the right choices for our kids.

In this 4-week course, unschooling veterans Anna Brown and Pam Laricchia guide you through techniques to help re-ground yourself in the unschooling lifestyle. You'll be reminded WHY you chose this path and how to get back in touch with the joy of engaged, interest-led learning.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to remember your original motivations for choosing unschooling
  • Actionable ways to reconnect with your kids and see their learning unfold
  • Tools to cultivate stronger family relationships built on trust
  • Using joy and curiosity as a compass to guide your unschooling days
  • Bonus tips on finding pockets of joy and getting out of your head

You'll come away from this course re-energized about your unschooling journey. With new insights and practical takeaways, you'll be ready to navigate your next wobble with intention.

This course is based on a monthly theme in the Living Joyfully Network online community, specifically, Remember Your Why. It consists of the four weekly focus calls between Pam and Anna, each discussing a particular aspect of the theme, plus the weekly question we share, encouraging members to think about it through the unique lens of their experiences and family.

Here's how we'll help you reconnect with the magic of unschooling:

1. Remember Your Why: This helps us reground in our values and vision for our family

2. Reconnect with Your Kids: This reminds us what unschooling looks like in action. It's beautiful!

3. Cultivate Joyful Relationships with Your Kids: When asked, long-time unschooling parents say the most valuable outcome they found from choosing unschooling is their relationships with their children. How wonderful is that? Our relationships last for a lifetime, not just the school years.

4. Use Joy as Your Compass: Joy is a wonderful compass for making choices that work for everyone in the family. It reminds us to bring intentional and engaged living into our ordinary days.

Each lesson also includes a question to help you more deeply process the topic and what it looks like for you—because we are all different people. We encourage you to spend time with the question to move beyond an intellectual understanding of the ideas and get a feel for what they look like for you in practice.

Unschooling is a lifestyle of engaged living and learning. Don't let the back-to-school frenzy knock you off balance! Re-ground yourself in your whys so you can move forward with clarity and joy.

Join us today!


When you purchase the Navigating Unschooling Wobbles course, you will receive each lesson through email, one lesson per week. You will receive the first lesson the same day you purchase the course, the second lesson seven days later, and so on.

You will also receive links to download both ebook/PDF and audiobook editions of the course, great for those who want to quickly immerse themselves in information they're super curious about. You might find your sweet spot is a combo of reading the ebook or listening to the audiobook and then using the weekly emails as great reminders to dive deeper and focus on the question.

All the content is yours to keep forever, so please take this course at your own pace. If life gets busy, don’t beat yourself up. But don't stay stuck in your wobble either! Just jump back in.


Anna has two grown children who were always unschooled. She has a degree in Family and Child Development and has written and spoken at conferences about relationships and unschooling for over 20 years. She currently co-hosts the Exploring Unschooling Podcast.

Pam’s three now-grown children left the school system in 2002 when they were 9, 7, and 4 years old, began unschooling, and they never looked back. Pam is the author of five books about unschooling and the founding host of the Exploring Unschooling podcast, with more than 350 episodes in its archive.

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