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Relationship Foundations Podcast Collection

Relationship Foundations Podcast Collection

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Navigating the intricate maze of human relationships can sometimes feel overwhelming. Why? Because people are so different!

On the Living Joyfully Podcast, we dive into tools, strategies, and paradigm shifts to help you foster deeper connections and transform conflicts into moments of understanding.

This podcast collection brings together the first fourteen episodes—our Foundations series—into an easy-to-listen-to audiobook and accompanying ebook/PDF of the transcripts.

In the Foundations series, we dive into the fundamental relationship ideas and tools that we have found most helpful for navigating the important relationships in our day-to-day lives. Topics include examining your priorities, cultivating connection, seeing through someone else's eyes, recognizing your biases, taking baby steps, consent and consensual living, and boundaries, comfort zones, and capacity.

Additionally, each episode includes a series of thought-provoking questions, encouraging you to view these ideas and tools through the prism of your unique life and family dynamics.

Embark on a journey towards more fulfilling, connected, and resilient relationships with the Relationship Foundations podcast collection.

Your path to enriched connections begins here! 


When you purchase the Relationship Foundations podcast collection, you will be emailed links to download the ebook and PDF editions, created from the episode transcripts, and the audiobook edition, which includes the audio of the fourteen episodes. They are yours to keep forever.


Anna worked for several years with families in crisis before turning her attention to helping parents build better relationships with their children and partners. She has been doing that amazing work for over twenty years. Currently, she works in a private practice helping couples and families move through conflicts and create an environment of collaboration and growth. She doesn't believe relationships have to be hard; she thinks they enhance our joy as we move through this life.

Pam has long been fascinated by how human beings tick and what it means to be in relationship with the people in her life. Over the last fifteen years, she's helped many people cultivate strong, connected, and trusting relationships with their children and partner while navigating the day to day challenges and conflicts of life.

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